About Radical Revamps

Radical Revamps began as a joint project between two crafty sisters with a love for Mother Earth. Our projects focus on using castoff items and scraps of various materials, diverting items from the landfill and supporting local charities’ thrift stores. Each item is unique, as the age and imperfections of used materials create the character present in the completed product.

Our mission is to turn stuff into cooler stuff! Inspired by pop culture and traditional crafts, we are proud to share our finished goods with one and all. 

This project that began with two, is now conducted by one. Although still helping out in many ways, my big sister has pushed me out of the nest, and is forcing me to fly on my own! Please enjoy my mood boosting, one-of-a-kind, up-cycled creations, which are machine washable and meticulously made.

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